Games that you can book in to on One Game take place across Australia in competitions run by our venue partners. The way it works is that whenever one of our teams in these competitions has a place for an extra player, it is listed on One Game. As soon as someone books this place it then disappears from One Game.

On a typical week, more than 500 games will come on and offline as places become available and are then booked by players. This means that approximately 75 games come on and offline each day, so it's worth loading up the app again tomorrow if you couldn't find a game today.

If you're consistently struggling to find games of the right sport or in the right location please take 2 minutes to shoot us a message (just hit the inbox footer menu in the app) and let us know what you're looking for. We currently work with over 100 venues across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth & Adelaide, but are always open to adding more locations based on demand. At the end of the day we just want to get more games online that people want to play in.

Will hopefully catch you at a game soon!

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