Looking to play a one-off game of social sport? We made One Game for you. Basketball, Netball, Futsal, Touch, Footy 7s, Volleyball + More. You name it, we've (probably) got it.

Whenever you feel like playing, you can book in and play a one-off game at any of our 150+ venues across Australia. To search and book in for a game, just download our app. 

You can start playing immediately (on the same day you sign up, if you want to), and you can constantly vary the day, time, and venue that you play at. Play as little or as often or you want to. It’s super flexible, so you can make it work with your life.

Once you book in for a game you can view the game details at any time in-app, including a list of your teammates for the game. You'll also be sent an instant email confirmation with a google maps link to the venue and any other important instructions you'll need to know.

Got all that? What are you waiting for... Download the app.

Maybe spending tonight on the couch isn't your destiny after all...

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