One Game are effectively your team captain and look after everything to do with the experience of you and your team. We have relationships with venue partners and competitions that we refer to as our 'partners' and this article explains who does what.

We at One Game ARE responsible for:

  • Your individual game booking and placing you in a team

  • The organising of your game with one of our partners

  • The payment of all fees relating to your game (not including any venue entry fees)

  • Your game lineup, including finding fill-in players if needed

  • Communicating the details of your game with you (and any changes to this)

  • Informing you of any uniform requirements

  • Helping to create the best possible atmosphere in your team, as well as dealing with any issues that arise


We ARE NOT responsible for (these are handled by our partners):

  • The physical venue where your games are played

  • The referees / umpires / venue staff / competition rules where you play

  • Venue entry fees* (*only in place at 2 of our 100+ venues and listed on the game information page)

  • Uniform requirements, such as shin guards being compulsory, or shorts having to be plain black without any logos or pockets etc.

  • The grading of the team you play in or the team you play against

  • The cancellation of games due to weather (more about the weather)

One Game only partner with the best possible venues and competitions with the goal that the aforementioned items will be handled in a professional manner. We like to clarify how these responsibilities are broken down, but we also want to stress that we will always represent you and all our One Game teams regarding any of these items in the way a normal team captain would do.


What are you responsible for:

  • Ensuring your RSVP is accurate and that you turn up to the game if you are booked in

  • Arriving 10 minutes prior to the game start time. Almost all of the less than great player experiences we get reported to us start with one thing - people turning up late (we consider anything within 5 minutes of the start of the game as late). When you arrive late you don't get a chance to meet your teammates, the team may not be aware that you are playing with them prior to the game starting, and both of these things can (and probably will) have a negative impact on how included you feel and your enjoyment of the game.  

  • Sharing playing time with other players as per our substitution guide

  • Being friendly and inclusive towards others. Remember that time not so long ago when all you wanted was to be playing a game as part of a team?

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